Huffington Post explains Facebook privacy settings better then Facebook

More than 50 privacy settings with more than 170 options – no wonder Facebook privacy has become mind-boggling and overwhelming for both new and experienced users.  Facebook’s response to make it easier? Complicated explanations, unsurprisingly.

Luckily, Huffington Post is here to save the day.

Huffington Post released an easy-to-follow hoot video on taking control of your Facebook privacy. With another site doing a better job at explaining their service, Facebook really needs to look at the way they’re talking to their audience.  They should have released this sort of video weeks ago.

Here’s everything you need to know to go back to the old days when you could control your privacy on Facebook with just a few clicks (referring to the video below)

How to Fix Your Facebook Profile in 2 Minute Video:

[Video via: Huffington Post]

Did you learn more about your Facebook privacy settings from the Huffington’s 2 Minute Video than you ever have from Facebook?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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