Deloitte aims to humanise via Social Media

Many businesses have wondered: what is the best way to approach a social media campaign? Should we use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a combination of all? How will we know if our campaign is successful and how do we measure this?

No doubt, social media is not the easiest to measure when it comes to its success – especially when there is financial investment involved. There is no hard and fast rule, but what we can see are the social media campaigns that have worked.

In New Zealand alone, there have been various social media success stories – usually from small businesses, but there have also been a few larger corporations which have managed a successful social media campaign, and now there is a new one that can join the list.

Deloitte is a world-renowned name in the tax and finance industry, consistently topping ‘best-of’ lists. Its New Zealand sector has created a social media campaign called “up close and personal with Deloitte” which aims to teach large international corporations that there are ways to take a big brand to the level of the everyday people by utilising social media – or in their words, to “humanise” themselves.

Deloitte NZ has a well-known graduate programme which takes students from universities all around the country. Through Facebook (a smart move considering its prevalence in university student’s lives), their campaign consists of answering questions via video from students or interested parties about various things including Delloite’s interview process or how to go about becoming a summer intern. If all this sounds familiar, it is a bit like the ‘Old Spice guy’ but with tax in mind. Questions which appear on the wall are responded to with a video post from one of the staff members of Deloitte NZ, and the person who asked the question is notified via Facebook comments. Answers are usually provided the day the question is asked and are often short responses under a minute long. All other public posts on the wall are promptly replied to where possible.

The campaign also includes blog updates via Tumblr of graduates who are currently in the programme; there are a number of graduates involved and their posts often include useful industry links. The page also provides event details on ‘information days’ at various universities which are to be held early next year. What appears to be the second step in their campaign, a “LIVE” chat feature, will be available on various dates in March next year.

So what does this teach us? It has been said that large corporations are unable to utilise social media, as employees must be particularly conscious of what they are and aren’t allowed to say. However, worrying about the limits often see corporations losing out on the bigger picture. Social media is about being social, or human interaction – Deloitte has found they are able to effectively employ this strategy without the worries mentioned above. Such a considered approach to social media means that this campaign has so far been very successful.

If you are interested in checking out the page – follow this: Up Close and Personal with Deloitte.

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