Video chat on Facebook…Yes Please!

For a while now, Facebook has been plotting the subjugation of the all-conquering kingdom of Google. This morning, the revolution moved one step closer with the announcement that Facebook are moving into the VOIP market by partnering with another major player: Skype.

The partnership was announced today over at All Things Digital website, and what that means is, Skype will begin to integrate Facebook Connect as part of its core functionality. This will give users the ability to text message, voice chat, and even video chat with their Facebook friends from within Skype.

It appears that this integration will be of significant benefit to Skype, as Facebook boast over 500 million users and Skype has only 124 million users. Not only will this give Skype the ability to extend its network to Facebook users, but also give Facebook users a chance to get reacquainted with Skype where in the past they may have neglected the service in favour of the convenience of Facebook’s chat facility.

We’ve been hearing quite a bit on Facebook dipping their toes into the telecommunications arena, especially with the rumoured Facebook phone (which I still think they are working on – didn’t Google at one point deny they were working on a phone?). Really beneficial, though, would be the integration of Skype’s video chat functionality within Facebook itself. That would be a much more beneficial partnership for both parties, and it’s likely that Skype would get even more out of its relationship with the social networking king.

You can expect this update in the next few weeks with the release of Skype 5.0 beta, and you can guarantee we’ll be keeping a close eye on this! It will be interesting to see if this update applies to Skype’s array of mobile apps, and if there will be any Skype integration onto Facebook’s web interface. Only time will tell!

[Image Credit: All Things Digital] [Feature Image Credit: Mashable]

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  1. @jjlorimer Reply

    I've never had an interest in Skype, I've never had a camera set up to my computer so have simply not bothered.____Being able to integrate my Facebook contacts wouldn't add value here for me, if I want to be in touch with these people we would have already have had a conversation on Facebook or other communication. Or I would already be using Skype to communite with them.__(I do find the integrated phonebook on my Andriod handy, so it may be good for people who already use Skype)____Now if skype were integrated into Facebook I would probably give it a go, I think the current Facebook Chat is so terrible if they somehow used skype to improve on a 'Facebook Chat' system I would probably give it a go.

    1. @IAmJohnLai Reply

      Thanks for your reply there @jjlorimer

      It's good first step for both parties, but you and I agreed that the value most definitely will come when the facebook chat gets a skype makeover


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