Women on Facebook tell you how they really “Like it”

As we all know, October is breast cancer awareness month and Facebook is at the center of attention again with a status update meme beginning to take shape. Many of Facebook’s female users are updating their statuses with the following message: “I Like It ________”. The ambiguous confession is supposed to reference where one puts their handbag when not in use, but as you can see in the image above, it might be raising more alarm bells than cancer awareness!

A similar ‘viral status update‘ did the rounds this time last year where girls would post the colour of the bra they were wearing. Last year’s campaign made more sense to me, as it seemed to be more relevant to breast cancer, but this year’s edition seems to be just as popular.

Like last year, there is no indication of who started the trend and all official breast cancer organisations have denied involvement. I feel that if it was made more relevant to breast cancer then it might make an even bigger impact than last year. Ultimately, the “I Like It” meme is doing less to raise breast cancer awareness, and more to evoke quite obvious sexual connotations. What are your thoughts? Is this just another silly Facebook meme or is there a positive message behind it?

[Story first reported and Image Credit from AllFacebook.com]

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  1. @joannefaith Reply

    This wasn't the first time I have seen this doing the rounds – I think that it is actually quite old which makes me question weather or not it has any affiliation to Breast Cancer or not (so I think they are correct in denying involvement).

    1. @IAmJohnLai Reply

      Hi @Joannefaith

      Thanks for the reply. Well anything of this kind shouldn't be associate with a well respected association. The what color of your bra is a much better representation for a breast cancer awareness.

  2. @bluetama Reply

    I think it's silly. Someone I know offered this explanation: "Come on girls! The men don't know what we're talking about – it shows how powerful we all are to keep them guessing!!" Feminism really takes a step back when women think it's empowering to post cryptic status updates about handbags. Of course, I also realise that people are just having fun. And I agree with you, John — I can see the potential value of tying it in with a cause or political message.

    1. @IAmJohnLai Reply

      Hi Saxon

      Thanks, for your comment. Hope is well on your end.

      If that is the thought surrounding it, then a woman can never say, the men all we think about is sex, especially like you said if the person is posting cryptic messages about handbags , it's just two different messages. It's like when a woman wears something very revealing and goes on to say "I don't get guys are looking at me like that" again it sends out to different signal's


  3. Matt Allen Reply

    Had to split comment in two, read on.

    I also think that this campaign cheapens the idea of cancer as a whole, even if it is meant to simply raise awarness. Many of us have been touched by cancer either personally or by someone we love and care for and this campaign does this suffering a disservice. Surely it would have been a better idea to promote the (for lack of a succint term) 'pinkify' your profile picture for the social media realm. This would have proven far more successful beacuse of the positive association of actual people acknowleding (read raising awareness) breast cancer and cancer as a whole.

    All this just leaves me wondering why? Why did the creator of the campaign seek to be so secular and exclusive by having such an abstract concept that didn't really achieve anything. Surely it would have been far better to actually include more people than just 'handbag owners'.

    I could go on and on but I feel the whole idea has just missed the mark and does people who have been affected by cancer a disservice.

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