Skype + Facebook = web intimacy?

Back in September we saw Facebook join forces with Skype, allowing Skype users to connect with their Facebook contacts directly on Skype. At the time, I mentioned that it would be more enticing to users if Skype was integrated into Facebook’s chat interface. Well it looks like that’s a win on the prediction scale, judging by yesterday’s blog post from a developer who discovered a line of code on Facebook that shows Skype video chat may well be coming soon to Facebook.

Tal Alter, who is a Facebook app developer for ‘Green Any’, says the code that appears in the screenshots has everything that is needed to introduce a video chat functionality on Facebook – a line of code that is highlighted in red says Skype ID and Skype token. If this comes to fruition, Skype will definitely see a spike in usage – Skype currently stands at 124 million users and having a slice of Facebook’s 500 million would be a mouth watering prospect.

This might even see the light of day in Facebook’s new messaging service; imagine having the ability to real-time video chat with your Facebook buddies via mail or if they’re not online, you can record a message and send it in a mail format powered by Skype.

What do you think about this feature, would you guys welcome it ? I would love to hear your thoughts.

[Image Credit: The Next Web and Gizmodo]

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