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Southern Cross Austereo launches innovative social media campaign

By March 6, 2013News, Opinion

Roadtrip Forever


Southern Cross Austereo have launched an amazing new interactive social media campaign, Roadtrip Forever.

Roadtrip Forever is an online video experience that integrates users and their friends’ Facebook data into two online webfilms, making them the stars of the story.  Coupling social technology and innovative digital techniques, the campaign delivers a completely personalised experience for anyone who ‘takes the trip’.

Basically what that means is that it takes your Facebook data and it uses it in the story. It asks you to pick a bestie to go on the journey with, and is uses tagged images of you together to really make the story believable. You see their Facebook profile picture on your iPhone, and it all feels quite real.

The film has two friends going off on an adventure together to a music festival, before the happy movie takes a fast turn. I won’t ruin the ending, but this was enough to make me sit up straight in my chair and actually make an ‘oh’ sound.

I think marketers are really making more of an effort these days to target the younger demographics in the right way. Since watching the short film, I can’t stop thinking about the ending, and the decisions and consequences of those decisions made by the ‘virtual me’. I want to have a serious chat to her.

Below are a few screenshots of the film with my details so you can see the awesome integration.


Roadtrip Forever

Roadtrip Forever

Roadtrip Forever


Roadtrip Forever includes two short films, one for male users and another for females. Obviously I have only seen the female one, so I would love to hear about this from a guy’s perspective. Tell us, how was your virtual adventure?