Google Glass Already Has Competition, But Will It Matter?

Google Glass isn’t even out yet, and already the sharks are circling. Sony, LG, heck probably everyone out there, are already rushing to get their same-same-but-different glasses into the market (Yay! just what we need! Forget curing world poverty or cancer, let’s copy more products!)

Google Glass Social Media NZ

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, the new AMAZING REVOLUTIONARY LIFE-CHANGING product has the web up in arms, with a distinct line drawn down the middle. You are either ON side, or, not.

Those on the NOT side (one assumes) are Forbes, who seem to think that Google Glass will kill you. This particular article by ABC Trick will have you quaking in your boots and too afraid to leave the house. WE’RE ALL GOONA DIIIIIE, is the general consensus from the anti-glass movement (yes, there is such a thing).

So why is Google bringing out this murdering glass?

Well according to Google, it’s to make our lives EVEN easier. Smartphones are soooo last century. Having the internet/our banks/our phones/our everythings in our hands isn’t enough these days. We need to have it in our eyes, to be able to say a few words and voila, have the action taken care of, for us. God forbid we have to use our fat little fingers to click something!

Tell me, are you a fan of the new Google Glass? Do you think it is going to change the world? I guess I am willing to give it a shot, if they bring it out on a more fashionable pair of glasses. I am not Lance Armstrong and do not wear bike-riding-looking-glasses, or glasses that you get from the service station (my Dad does, and he is a champ, I just don’t like them). If they bring it out on a pair of Ray Bans or a pair of Chanel’s I might give it a go (and have to get some designer sunnies too!)

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