Dani’s Favourite 7 Productivity Apple Apps: 1) Clear iPhone App


For the last couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to live my life through an iPhone 5. It was definitely a step up from my old iPhone 4 (not even an S) that has 8g of storage and holds about 3 apps and 100 photos.

I have loved everything about the new iPhone. The larger screen, the lighter weight, the fact my Vodafone app can tell me how much over my bill is this month – oh hang on, my old iPhone can do that too. Well anyway, you get the picture.

It’s bigger, it’s shinier, and I think, it actually allows you to ‘work on the go’. In today’s modern world, we are all trying to squeeze out as many extra seconds as we can from the day. With this larger screen, working and being productive is finally made easier. To celebrate this new found productiveness, I have chosen 7 of my favourite productive apps that will have you promoted to CEO in no time. Why 7? Because 7 is my favourite number, and I happened to find 7 that I loved – some would call that fate!

So in no particular order, and across the 7 days of this week, please enjoy my 7 favourite productive apps from Apple, and let me know what you think.


1. Clear $2.59 (NZD)

Can you have a favourite within your favourite list? This one would have to be up there! I am a list girl through-and-through, and this awesome list making-app has had my thumbs and fingers busy the last few weeks. I often find when I put a note in to the note app that comes with an iPhone, it magically disappears, until the next time I go to add a note, and I’m all like, oh yeah that important note. WELL NO MORE!

This app has lists within lists. I have a personal list, and lists for my various jobs (I freelance for 6-8 websites, so having a to-do list for each is so amazingly helpful, I can’t quite even put it in to words). Here is a screen shot of my screen today.



The actual functionality of the app is awesome too. You swipe, pinch and pull to add, subtract and complete things. It’s really intuitive – and the best part, it makes these great sounds when you do things. The screenshots do nothing to show you how this works, so I went to the huge trouble of finding a clip for you that does.


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