Dani’s Favourite 7 Productivity Apple Apps: 5) Expensify iPhone App

expensify smnz

5. Expensify $FREE NZD

I feel like singing along to a song from Songify when I see the word Expensify. Consistently rated as the #1 app for business travelers and road warriors, Expensify does expense reports that don’t suck! (Their words, not ours!)

Expensify does just what it sounds like. It helps you track and categorize expenses. You use the mobile app to enter, categorize and make notes about expenses using your phone right as they happen. You can log time and expenses to Entertainment, Fuel, Lodging, Meals, Phone, Transportation and more.

You can also use your phone to take pictures of the receipts that you attach to your expenses for upload to your account (great for those moments at 3am on a Friday when your logging your McDonalds receipts. Trust me, it’s more hilarious at the time).

For someone like me who contracts out to various websites, this is great for keeping things in check! Sometimes I might have a coffee with one client, then a lunch with another – and be representing different companies (hard life I know!) so having an app on the go that makes it simple to collate everything is priceless. Oh, and it’s another free app – so it really is!

There are a heap of other features too like report generating, but I don’t use them. If you are interested in them – check out the app yourself!

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