Dove Experiment Aims to Change the Way You See Yourself Blah Blah Blah



Personally, it took me seeing the new Dove campaign about 25 times in my newsfeeds before I clicked on it and watched it. Sure I was curious about what exactly it was going to be (though I had a fair idea from the OTT comments like “oh my goooood” “that was life chaaaaanging”) but not enough to click on it. I guess I was afraid it would be a let down to me, and I was right.

While 99% of the world is crying and hugging themselves after watching the clip, I am firmly in the 1% who are drinking beer, eating chips – and watching all those crying and hugging and shaking my head at them. So I guess the clip did elicit some reaction. The 3 minute (it felt like an hour) clip is meant to show that we think of ourselves much uglier than other do (what a nice sentiment).

It’s hard to put in to words my feelings. It was totally what I was expecting (it is Dove after all) and it totally was meant to tug on my heartstrings. Maybe I have been reading too many blogs lately, but I just felt it was overdone and expected. Sure as women we think we are uglier and fatter than we are – that’s what you as society tell us to think. We only think what we think because we are told to think it (think you got that?!)

To make a video that than tells us we are wrong (AGAIN!) as woman for thinking we are uglier and fatter than we really are (but only a little bit less because let’s face it us ‘real’ women aint no supermodels, sure we might have our good days or our skinny jeans – but we aren’t Giselle Bundchen) only makes me feel more crap as woman. Let up Dove. I now I am not perfect, but I don’t need you reminding me that.

I know you are trying to do the right thing, but for me – you totally missed the mark. Put Robert Pattinson next time in your clip and say to me “change your entire way of thinking, change everything that society has made you think and feel for the last 26 years, and this will be your reward” Then you might have me.


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