My week with the Samsung Galaxy camera

samsung galaxy s4 review


I have been lucky enough to spend a week in the company of the Samsung Galaxy camera. These are my thoughts on and photos taken by the camera…

In the last seven days, this lucky little thing has gone from Auckland to Christchurch, to Dunedin and back to Auckland. What better situation to review a product than whilst traveling up and down the country.


First impressions

The camera looks great! The sleek white design and massive screen make it stand out from other digital cameras. However, as soon as you stop using it as a camera and start checking your emails on it, things start to get weird. If you want to really confuse people, you can install viber and call your mates from your camera!

samsung galaxy s4 review



The camera

The 21x zoom on the camera is one of the best I’ve seen on a digital camera – the lens just doesn’t stop extending! Whilst using the camera, you can choose to use to take your photos using three different settings: auto, smart or expert. Auto is for those who just want the best possible picture from the given situation without having to change any settings. If you want to mix it up a little, choose ‘smart’. Smart allows you to chose from a number of specific settings for various situations (e.g. panorama, night, fireworks, flowing water) – there is a smart filter for just about every situation.

samsung galaxy s4 review


If you consider yourself a camera expert, this setting is for you. Expert allows you to change everything from the shutter speed to the aperture. Very fun if you know what you’re doing.


The device

Once you’ve actually taken your photos the fun can really begin. Because the camera is an Android device, you can jump onto the Google Play store and download any and all of the apps. There are hundreds of photo editing apps so you can edit your pictures straight from the camera and then upload them instantly to instagram or dropbox, or email them to a friend. Being able to do everything straight from the camera is one of the biggest positives of this device. You don’t need to get the computer out and play around with Photoshop for hours, just find an app that does what you need and you’re away laughing.

I have had a blast with the Galaxy camera this week. It has all of the functions that an SRL camera does, the only thing that I would advise would be to use a tripod where possible. As is the case with most digital cameras lacking a viewfinder, pressing the capture button does cause some movement.

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