Amanda Bynes continues her downward spiral on social media (collective sigh)

Oh Amanda.

Why why why. Why have no adults in her life grabbed her, thrown her in a truck and headed off to Alabama or somewhere in the deep south where the internet cables don’t penetrate and the girl can give her poor thumbs a rest, for goodness sake.

We all thought Lindsay was bad, but this new Lindsay 2.0 version is making Lindsay’s wack-job indiscretions look semi-sane. While I recognise that Amanda (and Lindsay for that matter) has not committed any serious crimes like say, murder, the fact is she needs help. But until that happens, she will continue to crumble online.

Some of you may think it’s entertainment, others may look upon her tweets with sadness and shake their heads. If you take a look at this comprehensive timeline, it shows her slooooow decline from 2010 through to 2012.

This tweet was the first one that stood out as a red flag for me, indicating that the wheels were really falling off. I know she was on a downward spiral last year, but 2013 seems to be bad luck for her as things have really escalated to the next level.

Amanda Bynes, SMNZ

She spent the next few weeks uploading pictures of herself in her bathroom in various states of undress (Google those pictures yourself if you are interested) and tweeting random things like this clear cry for help:

Amanda Bynes, SMNZ

Then she did a Britney and shaved her head…

Amanda Bynes, SMNZ

Since then she has tweeted what I think is the worse tweet yet. She actually wrote the following – then claimed she was either hacked or aliens took over her account for a minute.

Amanda Bynes, SMNZ

I understand that Amanda might be past it (well, clearly) but what about all these people around her? The people partying with her, smoking the ganja with her, spending her money with her. Are they into this downward spiral as much as she is? I certainly hope not.

What are your thoughts on the Amanda Bynes fall from Disney-princess status? Do you even care?

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