Galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5 – Facebook and Twitter

Galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5


My latest project for Social Media NZ has once again been very fun. Playing around with the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy s4 in order to analyze which is best when using social media apps.


First impressions

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two devices is the screen size. The much larger screen on the Galaxy is obviously better for viewing content. However, having a smaller screen does have its benefits as well – the iPhone is a lot easier to hold in one hand. Better viewing vs comfortable viewing – your choice.

In the screenshots below I have made the images the same size. Once resized you can see that there are only slight differences in the layout of my Facebook profile.

 Samsung Galaxy 24 vs Iphone 5Samsung Galaxy 24 vs Iphone 5


Viewing everything on the Galaxy is a lot easier because the big screen allows more space between updates and statuses. There are no noticeable differences in terms of screen resolution between the two devices, however the colours of the Android Facebook app outdo the iOS version. The andriod app uses blue as the colour for  links to other pages, whereas the iOS version just uses black.




Using Twitter on the Galaxy is also slightly different compared to the iPhone. The Home, @, #, and profile buttons are at the top on the Galaxy and at the bottom on the iPhone. I find it easier when they are on the bottom when using one hand, but the size of the Galaxy screen means that two hands are often needed.

Another feature that I like on the iPhone Twitter app is that if you swipe across any tweet it gives you the options to retweet, favourite etc. On the Android version, swiping across moves you from home to @ to #. To retweet or favourite you have to click into the tweet.



The iPhone’s best social media feature is being able to tweet and update Facebook directly from the pull down menu. The Galaxy doesn’t allow you to do this but you can create a Facebook or Twitter widget, which the iPhone does not have.

Overall, both devices have their pros and cons when using social media. The bigger screen is a very strong feature of the Galaxy but the social media integration of the iPhone is perhaps slightly better. It’s very hard to pick a winner but if I had to, I would choose the Galaxy s4 for Facebook and the iPhone 5 for Twitter. A bigger screen is great for Facebook and the iOS Twitter app has been designed better in terms of usability. Do you agree?

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