It’s ski season! – Get your App on!

 Ski Season Apps 2013


I’m sure you have all noticed the drop in temperature outside lately – the upside of this crappy weather: its ski season!

Most of New Zealand’s ski fields will be opening up within the next few weeks if they haven’t already. In preparation for your first carve of the year, check out these two handy snow apps.


Ski School Lite

Ski Season Apps 2013


This is the free version of a series of ski instructor apps developed by Elate Media. Ski School is perfect if you are a beginner – it gives you a series of videos covering the basics of skiing from the snow plough to performing dynamic turns. The videos are presented in a very easy to understand way and cover everything within 2 minutes.

For the more advanced skier (or once you have mastered the beginner skills) you can purchase the other apps like ‘ski school advanced’. These other apps contain further videos and even the ability to analyse your skiing technique.

You can download ski school lite here


Fresh Tracks snowboarding

Ski Season Apps 2013


Before you snowboarders get grumpy that I have been raving on about a skiing app, heres a pretty rad app for you.

Fresh Tracks is a game compatible with iPhone, iPod or iPad and it’s free. If you’re hanging out to get up the mountain this could be the perfect time waster to get you excited. Fresh Tracks is like any other snowboarding game, you can do solo runs to complete tricks and gain points or you can race other boarders. Customise your gear and win races to get the fastest gear!

This app has been in the top app store lists across a number of countries, and is sure to top NZ’s lists as we head into ski season

You can download Fresh Tracks here.


There you have it, two snow based apps to get your adrenaline pumping before you hit the slopes!

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