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iPhone 5C Review


If the iPhone 5c could say one thing about itself then it would be this: It’s fun to be colourful!


I was recently invited to the top secret, and very cool release of Apple’s new iPhone range. Rolling through the door I was greeted by an array of brightly colored iPhones and was first introduced to the very colourful, and very bright iPhone 5C.

If you have a thing for colour then the iPhone 5C is for you.

Available in Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White, the iPhone 5c is the perfect mobile phone to make a statement with. Apple has crafted an amazing phone, fabricating it from a unique combination of a steel reinforced frame, which causes it to act as an antenna. The 5c’s outer shell is attached to it in individual pieces, and then laser welded to it, which achieves the phone’s precise fit. The iPhone 5c is a very comfortable phone to hold, allowing ease of use to the user, while also allowing the user a secure grip as well. The iPhone 5c is also very wieldable, and is light and easy to move thanks to it weighing in at a miniscule 132 grams!

The iPhone 5c’s display also makes for a true digital canvas, wear anything visual lights up with ease. It features a 1136 x 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi, and is completely fingerprint resistant thanks to an oleophobic coating. Support and display of multiple languages and characters is also simultaneously.

But while the iPhone 5c might be a beautiful to look at, it is designed to be used, and can handle everything from the all powerful Apple designed A6 chip at its core. If the unison of graphics and performance is important for you then the Apple iPhone 5c has you covered. Whether your making phonecalls, texting friends, taking pictures or recording videos, browsing the app store or letting the planet know what your up to via Facebook or Twitter the iPhone 5c can handle it all. Plus you’ll never have to compromise on battery life with 10 Hours of talk time, and up to 250 hours of stand by time.

For those with a flair for snapping photo’s you simply can’t go wrong with the iPhone 5c’s iSight camera. A sapphire crystal lens protects the camera lens from any possible scratches that could ruin that perfect photo which will be captured in 8 megapixel glory. The camera is also set up for panoramic photography, and video services, with photographic geotagging being available to users as well.

The Apple iPhone 5c is designed to work with Apple’s new iOS7 operating system, and comes programmed with both Siri, and new improvements to many of its wide array of Apps. The iOS7 operating system is just beautiful to look at when utilized with iPhone 5c, and the colours of the iPhone 5c were designed to complement the iOS7’s performance, and the software with the 5c’s colours. iOS7 is easy to operate, and in most cases does the work for you, such as automatically sorting photos, based on where you were when you took them. This union of the 5c and iOS7 makes the user experience more pleasant, more colour and a whole lotta fun.

But the iPhone 5c wouldn’t be an iPhone if it weren’t for the Apps, and it has these in abundance. New improvements through the combination of iOS7 and the 5c’s design’s has lead to improvements for all your favourite Apps. Whether you’re a film freak like myself who can’t stop watching the latest movies directly from iTunes, or you have a gazillion different music playlists to get through, you’ll be sure that the iPhone 5c will never fail you. In addition to the Apps that come preprogrammed on the iPhone 5c you also have access to Apple App Store, and regular updates are also made available.

But it’s not just the mobile phone itself where Apple had applied it’s genius, as they understand presentation is an artform, and this has extended to the specially designed case to the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c was again designed as an extension of the iPhone 5c, with colour being its staple elements. It’s exterior was designed from silicone, providing a further strong grip, along with exquisite comfort, while a soft microfiber lines it’s interior. I was lucky enough to get the blue case, which looks incredible when paired with my green iPhone 5c, Apple has placed an incredible amount of thought into this new accessory and it definitely pays off.

The Apple iPhone 5c is the ultimate mobile phone for those who are wishing to make a statement. It’s beautiful design, superb engineering, eclectic array of Apps, and it’s use of exuberant color make it great for those who want to express their exuberant personalities, and is available starting at NZ $899.00 for the 16GB model, and NZ $1,049.00 for the 32GB model.

So make sure you pick up an iPhone 5c, and see why it’s so much fun to be colourful.

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