Drake and Taylor Swift = #Draylor

Back at the start of 2016, Apple Music released a commercial with Taylor Swift jamming out on the treadmill to Drake’s ‘Jumpman’. Now, almost as a parody, Drake returns the favor by featuring in an Apple commercial working out to Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music.

These two artists: an unlikely couple both musically and romantically, have been the centre of attention on social media after being seen hanging out together. With talk surrounding the pair as being a possible item, or “#Draylor”, as the Twittersphere coined it, the sequel Apple commercial featuring Drake getting jiggy to Swift’s music couldn’t have been released at a better time.

For Apple, these dating rumours created publicity and interest from the social media frenzy caused; thus resulted in a successful marketing strategy airing the Apple Music commercial “Drake vs Bench press” at the AMA’s.

The artists also teased fans by responding to rumours through their own social media with flirty suggestive captions and photos, Drake even used the hashtag #Drayler to promote the new Apple ad on his Instagram.

This “trolling” (the intent of provoking online readers into an emotional response) from both the artists on their relationship status, has helped market and create hype around the two singers’ collaboration with Apple, launching a successful and clever commercial. Interest was increased leading up to the release of the ad as well as the responses on social media after the initial launch.

Due to its humorous nature, the video is more likely to be shared among others following the “Draylor” saga or for enjoyment.  The ad itself contains multiple layers as to what is promoted in the short video. Not only does it promote Drake and Swift’s music, but also Frank Ocean’s album, Blonde- which was released earlier this year. Furthermore, the ad features Drake wearing Jordan by Nike gym gear, which we get a clear view of when he has a little dance in the mirror. Whether the product placement was intended or not, one thing is for sure, both singers very much struggle to multitask. As we can see, singing and working out do not “work out” for them.

Check out the commercials below:

Taylor vs treadmill


Drake vs bench press