Tinder launches #FundMyVday competition

It’s Valentine’s Day! A day of celebration that people usually remember for the chocolates, flowers and other sweet nothings that don’t actually relate to the muddled, and somewhat dark, origins of St. Valentine.

Tinder is sharing the love with their latest campaign #FundMyVday. The idea is to share your “dream date” with cash prizes being awarded to the most original, emotive and relevant entries. The catch? They want you to tell them using only emojis. The competition utilises the hashtag across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to enter and share, however, unfortunately for us, it’s only open to US residents!

Part of me wonders if Tinder could’ve generated more impact and more social chatter if this concept had been launched as a global social media campaign without the prizes and U.S restriction, but that could just be because I’m disappointed I can’t put together an entry myself!

Check out the videos below to see some of the ideas:

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