Instagram adds GIF stickers to stories with GIPHY

After months of speculation, Instagram has announced that they have finally added GIF sticker capabilities to stories. Rolled out in the latest update, users will now be able to plaster their stories with flying tacos, dancing dogs and pizza in space as just some of the wacky and entertaining additions. Thanks to GIPHY keyboard integration, the options are endless for adding a whole other dimension to stories, something which will no doubt be a hit if the success of adding GIPHY keyboard to Facebook messenger was anything to go by.

To start channelling your inner GIF artist, once you’ve captured the content for your story, tap the add sticker button at the top as per usual. You’ll now see the new GIF option, with the extensive library of animated stickers appearing below. With options to see which GIFs are trending in the GIPHY world, or to browse the GIPHY library, stories will soon be even more creative and eye catching.

Josh von Scheiner, founder and creative director at social media agency VonShine Industries says that GIF stickers are a language for its users, “These are emoticons for the next generation and it’s the language of the future. We saw emoticons change language – now the same mechanisms are affecting how we create and share images, as well.”

In the same update, Instagram also announced that in the coming weeks, they’ll be adding in the ability to upload photos and videos of any size to stories from the camera roll. Once the update has been added, users will be able to change the ratio of the image to fit the screen, without any issues of having to crop out parts of it. Any surrounding space will be filled with a custom colour gradient that matches.

We’re definitely excited about the new dimension the GIPHY collection will add to stories and can’t wait to see how Instagram continues to enhance the user experience.

 Image: Instagram