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Facebook Announces new Youth Portal

By May 18, 2018Opinion

There are more and more strategies and tools that Facebook launches to please its users. The latest, a new web based educational tool known as “Youth Portal”, which is directed to adolescents and is an educational resources consisting of general information about Facebook and how to use it.

The portal is available in 60 different languages and contains an educational guide for young people to learn how to use their tools, as well as a security center with advice on security and privacy.

In this new tool, Facebook teaches teenagers notions such as security on the Internet, recommending the use of secure passwords, two-step authentication and also explains the operation of the alert protocol for unrecognised logins.

Facebook describes the portal as a central places for teens that includes:

  • Education: Information on how to get the most out of products like Pages, Groups, Events, and Profile, while staying safe. Plus, information on the types of data Facebook collects and how we use it.
  • Peer Voices: First person accounts from teens around the world about how they are using technology in new and creative ways.
  • Ways to control your experience: Tips on things like security, reporting content, and deciding who can see what you share.
  • Advice: What to do if you need a social media break, and some guidelines for how to get the most out of the internet.

Although this might seem like a good step forward in educating young people on data use, there are hesitations.

Megan Farokhmanesh views this move as a poor way to persuade teens. Farokhmanesh states that the company has tried many times to get the younger users attention but that “the decision to call young people ‘youths’, feels like yet another misstep”. And adds:“If a Snapchat clone couldn’t woo young users back, maybe lists and essays will. If there’s one thing teens love, it’s definitely reading rules!”

Whatever your thoughts on the portal, at least it appears to be a step towards Facebook taking data education seriously.

You can check out the Youth Portal here.