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Snapchat joins the business of connecting influencers with brands

By July 31, 2018Opinion

Although a bit late to the influencer game, Snapchat have announced a pilot program that will introduce brands to five of the app’s most popular content makers,  Snapchat Storytellers . The most significant thing about the new platform of the app is that it does not keep a percentage of the profits derived from the agreements.

The program is still in the testing phase. The service aims to connect companies with five of the most popular users, creators of content recognised by the audience, to appear in their ads. The advertising will be found, first, in the Explore tab and also within the Stories.

The idea of Snapchat also focuses on teaching companies to create advertising exclusively for the application, as is already the case with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In this way, content creators can also serve as advisors when it comes to configuring brand strategies in the social network.

The company is trying by all means to raise the low growth rate of users, located at 2.9%, the smallest in Snapchat’s history.

The latest results are disappointing for the companies that advertise there: which lost $385 million last quarter and missed its revenue estimate by $14 million when it brought in $230 million.

Getting to attract new users, and above all, loyalty to those who are still loyal to Snapchat, is a challenge for the platform: Will Storytellers re-open the door to a much needed boost in popularity?