Bumper Ads: Big Impact With Small Stories

YouTube has added a short-form of video ad format to its lineup in 2016, called bumper ads. Since then, YouTube’s bumper ads have given businesses and advertisers an inventive way to build brand awareness and reach. Out of all those YouTube ads, what makes bumper ads stand out?

A bumper is a six-second unskippable video format that plays before a YouTube video. But what can you say in six seconds? Most likely, more than you think! Many large brands are using bumper ads to drive their brand’s upper-funnel goals like, to improve brand awareness and ad recall.

Why bumper ads?

It doesn’t matter how entertaining a video is; people tend to skip or fast forward it! If that’s the case of a simple YouTube video, what about longer YouTube ads? When a YouTube ad pops up and shields you from your favourite video, the first thing you will look for is the “skip ad” option’s count down clock and wait…   

Fortunately, the bumper ad engages viewers without testing their patience further. 

Creating your bumper ads

When you’re creating your bumper ad, you’ll need to include these following in the video:

Brand logo: Branding is key for any advertising. And since the primary goal of bumper ads is to leave a memorable message and brand impression in the viewer’s mind, make sure that viewers leave the advertisement with an experience of watching what the ad is for. Include the logo prominently so that they will remember it.

Include a call to action: As your ad is only 6 seconds, it’s better not to include too much text content. Decide on one main call to action or message and make it the focus of the ad. 

Compelling content: 

– Include emotion and eye-catching moments in your video.
– Concentrate on keeping it simple and delivering it well.
– Think mobile-first when designing your ad.
– Start the ad with striking visual content and build the story around it.
– Let your viewers know that they’ve stepped into your brand’s space.
– Leave the viewers with a clearly expressed message or call to action.
– Take advantage of the striking headline with music.
– Merge bumper ads with trueview ads to find better results for your campaign.

Bumper ads spec

– Media: Video
– Size of the file: 2 MB
– Aspect ratio: 16:9
– Ad type: Six seconds long video ads with no skippable option.
– File format: mov, .avi, .flv, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg4, .mpegps, .webm

Here’s an interesting Infographic created by TechWyse, an SEO agency in Toronto, you can be clear of all your doubts on YouTube ads.

To sum up…

Brands are using bumper ads to expand their brand awareness and reach, and we can see how they well work for them. They can really help you develop your brand awareness and reach and get more impressions while costing less than long-term videos, and most importantly, they can be repurposed outside of Google Adwords. There are almost no drawbacks and plenty of benefits for bumper ads, so let’s test them out and see how they work for your business.

This post was written and provided by TechWyse

Keerthana is a social media Analyst at Techwyse. She is passionate about finding new trends in technology and making them into blogs. When she is not working for the clients, you can find her listening to her favourite music tracks.

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