BNZ #shortandtweet award

BNZ has been a sponsor of the BNZ Literary Awards for 55 years (formally called BNZ Katherine Mansfield Awards). For over half a century BNZ has been proud to support New Zealand’s preeminent short story writing competition, which was founded to acknowledge the work of Katherine Mansfield and celebrate New Zealand literature.

This year, BNZ is adding a fifth category, and creating New Zealand’s first writing award for Twitter. How cool is this!? Entries can be submitted on Twitter using the hashtag, #shortandtweet and others can nominate tweets for the award using the same method.

First placed prize is $1000 and the winner will be flown to Wellington to stand alongside the other BNZ Literacy Award category winners to accept their prize.

Prolific tweeters Jesse Mulligan and Kerre McIvor will judge the competition with some help from BNZ’s social media team.

BNZ is an active user of Twitter and this category inclusion acknowledges the changing nature of writing and story-telling.  Everyone is a publisher these days and while not every detail of people’s day to day life is literary fodder, BNZ are challenging the NZ Twitter community to captivate imaginations through short form story-telling. I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.

The opening date for Short and Tweet (#shortandtweet) entries is Tuesday 10 June and closing date is 30 June 2014

Entry details:

  • Submissions can only be accepted via Twitter and will be captured on
  • Entries must include the hashtag #shortandtweet which can either submitted in the entry tweet or as a link to the tweet you want to enter or nominate.
  • Other people can nominate tweets in this category using the same method.
  • Ideal entries will convey a great story in a single tweet.
  • People may also include a photo with the tweet if they wish to but judging will be based purely on the quality of the written content.
  • All work must be original.


Get amongst it and good luck, I look forward to seeing the entries.

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One Comment

  1. Nicole

    A cool idea – imagine it’s going to be tough choosing a winner for this one! The hashtag looks a lot like #shortlandstreet though – just me?