Instagram announces further plans for in-app advertising

Since Instagram launched ads a year and a half ago, it’s become even more of a powerful mobile platform for advertisers. They’ve expanded the business to 8 countries and have seen many of the best marketers and agencies in the world embrace Instagram to achieve their branding objectives.

With the new plans, they’re focusing on three key areas: expanding ad offerings to include action-orientated formats, enabling more targeting capabilities, and making it easier for businesses large and small to purchase ads on Instagram.

Advertisers want to drive business results across a variety of objectives and their ‘direct-response’ ads will help serve all these objectives with the capability to sign up, buy or install an app. These changes follow on from the carousel ads, which were introduced back in March.


I forget that Facebook owns Instagram and I think we’ve been pretty lucky to have not seen ads being introduced earlier. It’s a rollout that will not only help advertisers, but the community as well, as people will be able to learn more about a product or service and take direct action from an ad to sign up on a website, buy a product or download an app. They will be testing all of these direct-response formats in the coming days.

Once the rollout begins, advertisers will be able to target ads more effectively, based on information from your Facebook account. Currently, they’re only able to access your age, location and gender.

Instagram users want to see ads that reflect the things they care about. To give businesses the opportunity to reach the right people, Instagram are working to make advertising available through Instagram Ads API and Facebook ad buying interfaces over the coming months.

There are more than 2 million advertisers who actively use Facebook to market their business and Instagram want to leverage the best of Facebook’s infrastructure for buying, managing and measuring the success of ads. They will start by opening the Instagram Ads API to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies, and then plan to expand globally throughout the year.

I personally welcome the change and look forward to seeing how advertisers utilise the proposed changes.

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