Twitter clients for Twitter clients – Tweet Deck

Tweet Deck is the multifunctional printer/fax/scanner of Twitter clients. It comes in both Adobe Air and iPhone formats which means it works for both your desktop, and your phone. Handy.

The features are great but while I admire the team at Tweet Deck’s willingness to innovate, there comes a time when you’ve got to stop adding features and start to refine the ones you already have.

Good features.

  • Popup alerts (that you can switch off) for account actions, mentions, search tags
  • Easy retweeting, replying
  • Multiple account posting / tracking
  • Includes Facebook and Myspace interaction
  • Auto shortening of URL links

Not so good features.

  • The Tech-gamer interface makes it comparatively hard to read compared to others
  • Chews your CPU (on a 2ghz MacBookPro it fluctuates between 10 – 15% of your CPU whilst idling). In layman this means, “makes your computer slow”. Annoyingly slow.

These are two key hitches with Tweetdeck that really need to be addressed:

The functionality is great but they need to focus on the application’s interface (its aesthetics),and its usability if they want to attract the non-geek general public. I would suggest ditching the black/grey in exchange for some white, tweaking the font to make it more readable, giving the tweets some more space to breath, and adding in a bit of colour variation. With these few changes I think they’d have an awesome product they could possibly even charge for.

Come to think of that, would you pay for the mack-daddy of social media interfaces? Something that handled everything and was ridiculously easy to use?

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