Social media is dead! JK, turns out it isn’t :)

Social media isn’t a stagnant thing – it continuously evolves, as does the way users engage with it. The only way to reach these users efficiently is to stay on top of the latest insights into social platforms and allow them to inform your strategies.

Download and read the world’s largest study from Global Web Index on the digital consumer, representing over 2 billion internet users, this report explores the current state of social commerce and multi-networking, social media engagement, and much more.

Download the latest social report to find out how social media behaviors are changing, on a global scale and by market. 

Some key takeaways from the report:

  • 6 in 10 global internet users say that they are constantly connected online.
  • 98% of consumers have used a social media network in the past month; being an internet user means being a social media user
  • Across the globe, 16-24s are devoting the most time per day to social media – just under three hours, on average.
  • If we examine the habits of 16-24s in isolation, we see many mature markets posting high numbers – with this age group in the UK, Romania, Portugal and Ireland spending well over 3 hours on social media daily.
  • the rise of the mobile-only internet user who focus their social engagement on a select group of platforms.
  • 38% in the UK and U.S. feel most comfortable sharing content on private messaging apps.
  • Digital consumers are now more likely to say they use social to follow the news (40%) than they are to identify it as a platform for keeping in touch with friends (39%)

This is an excellent report that provides great insight into the ever evolving world and industry that is social media.


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