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Snapchat in the sky with diamonds

Snapchat is six years’ old this month, and the company is not slowing down on its stream of awesome new features being released. This year alone, Snapchat has given us more than 25 new features including; SnapMap, Snap Spectacles, custom Geofilters, the Paperclip, Backdrops, Voice Filters, and more recently the animated Bitmoji! And now, for Snapchat’s newest release…Sky Filters!

This new filter gives users the opportunity to make their image a little more magical by altering the background. The latest augmented reality feature detects sky in a photograph and offers up filters to give the photo a more atmospheric look. So far there are sunsets, starry skies, rainbows and storm clouds, with Snapchat saying that the filters will be rotating daily to slot in different effects.

With the same functionality as the existing Snapchat filters, once the app detects the sky in a picture, the filter option will automatically appear in your carousel and then it’s just a matter of swiping left and right to pick the perfect one.

This new feature started to roll out in America on both Android and iOS this week, and we’re hopeful it won’t be long before they go global as we can’t wait to try them out!