Innovation in Social Media and Digital Signage

In this post, we are exploring the effective combination of social media and the digital signage space. As here in New Zealand, the growth trend in digital signage, both in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and corporate digital signage, in‌ ‌general, it’s moving at the explosive rate we were witness to in the early days of social media. 

So how can you leverage these two media channels to create maximum effect and drive efficiency through cross-channel and omnichannel messaging?

As with all digital media platforms content is King, we all know this in the fast-paced world of digital we find ourselves living in. Weather ist social media or digital billboards we only have a few moments to grab attention!

But the challenge we often face when communicating with clients is how to keep relevant content flowing, drawing on the work I have done with the team at Nod Media (digital signage software company), we explored the following combinations of these media platforms. 

To help keep digital signage fresh, relevant and connected to both audiences we are now able to integrate social and other digital media formats, unlike the traditional printed billboards, the advancement of technology has helped the explosion of demand in this market. 

By simply showcasing your Instagram account via digital signage, you now have signage that is fresh, relevant and evolving. Moving away from a simple static image or video, this also helps connect your digital branding to the physical locations or installations of your brand, starting to move your brand simply into an Omnichannel strategy (which is another growing trend in marketing and advertising). 

Taking the combination of these platforms to the next level in social media engagement, you can have your social media content adjusting your digital signage ad content on the fly…

For example, you share a series of products on your Instagram, then whichever post of these products gets the most engagement, the corresponding ad on your digital signage increases in the number of times it is shown, this way you can match your social media engagement to showcase the most popular and relevant content. 

Pushing things further you can now run a campaign on Facebook that encourages people to submit a photo to enter. This user-generated content can then be shared across your digital signage network, displayed as a carousel or the top 10 pics. Creating engagement and showcasing the fans of your brand! 

With a user-generated campaign like this the content would be vetted before getting published to your network, and to increase the mileage of this content you can also publish these to Facebook, increasing your efficiency, integrating your marketing efforts with a consistent brand and community engagement strategy. 

Then combine all this interaction and engagement with the audience measurement technology of digital signage and social media, enabling the use of this data to impact your overall marketing and advertising, that level of insight is digital gold! 

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