In June, #NZSOMO will take place in Auckland. The conference, short for New Zealand Social Media Forum, will look at how 2020 fundamentally changed the way that we communicate online.  

2020 saw not only COVID-19 restrictions increase users’ time on social media, but also political issues and movements occur, as well as a growing distrust of social media giants increase. All these factors have, in turn, impacted how social media is used by its audience. 

However, with social media campaigns becoming increasingly ubiquitous, it’s important for marketers to grasp how to effectively reach their audience. But after this year of change, marketers are left wondering: “how do we navigate social media, knowing that there is high competition and looming issues like relevancy, content overload and social media fatigue?” 

#NZSOMO will discuss this and more as we explore the challenges that social media as an omnipresent entity brings, hear fresh case studies from leading brands, gain insights into the latest trends & issues, and learn about the COVID impact on the way social media is used. 

Presenting an opportunity to learn from and network with fellow social media heavyweights #NZSOMO is the perfect chance to dissect, evaluate and grow in social media.  

Check out some of the speakers and what they’re talking about below: 


Lucy Blakiston, Founder, Shit You Should Care About 

In a University lecture theatre in Wellington, ‘Shit You Should Care About’ was born. What started as a website has now evolved into a media company across all social media channels, with their Instagram having over 2.5 million followers. Their main aim is to “help people give a shit” about news, mental health, pop-culture and everything in between. Lucy will discuss:  

·       Social media as the epicentre for world events and information  

·       Amplifying the voices that need it in the moment  

·       The rise of Insta-activism  

·       Why promoting integrity of social media is important for your business  


Eathan Robson, Social Media Manager, LADBible New Zealand 

Eathan is the first Social Media Manager for LADBible Group New Zealand. Previously leading social media for KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Carl’s Jr., Eathan is experienced in delivering powerful social media campaigns that create emotional connection between brand and consumer to influence behaviour and deliver ROI. Eathan will be speaking about 

·       Forming an authentic creative storytelling strategy with purpose 

·       Crafting a creative brand narrative on social media within the New Zealand Market  

·       Diving deep into listening to the heartbeat of customers  

·       ExamSining cross-platform brand storytelling and harnessing humour to deliver successful social media campaigns  

·       Lessons from spearheading LADBible’s first push into New Zealand  

Fraser Cowley, Social Media and Community Manager, Canon 

Fraser looks after online community, brand social media presence, influencer relations, and customer journey for Canon. For the past five years he’s been developing and supporting social media communities for New Zealand brands including Air New Zealand and The Warehouse Group. Fraser will be discussing:  

·       Effectively managing and growing an online community 

·       Understanding audience, community, and your value proposition 

·       Turning negative interactions positive, and recognising the role of moderation 

·       Creating a growth loop and a rewarding customer journey 

You can find out more about the conference here


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