Learn a new language with virtual reality

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about all things Virtual Reality here at Social Media NZ, and the incredible features of the technology continue to demonstrate just why we love it. If you’re wanting to learn a new language – it just got ten times easier! ATi Studios, creators of the language app with over 20 million downloads, Mondly, have just launched MondlyVR.

MondlyVR allows people to engage in life-like conversations with characters in a virtual world. Traditionally the average language learner takes up to six months before beginning to try using a new language in conversations, and even then only travel and immersion into the language helps with pronunciation and fluency. Today, all you require is MondlyVR and a VR headset!

The app has 30 different languages, and offers feedback on pronunciation, suggestions that enrich the learner’s vocabulary, and interactive scenarios to make learning fun and easy. Developed with a combination of voice chatbot, speech recognition, and VR technology, MondlyVR overcomes the geographical barriers of learning a language. Mondly CEO Alex Iliescu says, “From our experience, the biggest things that keep people from actually speaking and utilising new languages are fear and lack of life-like practice”. The immersive experiences that can be developed with VR were the obvious solution to Mondly, and it is now a first of its kind language experience for Google’s Virtual Reality platforms Daydream and Cardboard.

Check out a video of the app here: