Update on Dot Com’s MEGA – Website In World’s Top 150

Update on Dot Com’s MEGA – Website In World’s Top 150

It’s been less than a week since Dot Com released Mega – the file sharing service to end all other file sharing services (see our original article about it here), and already the website is making waves around the endless ocean that is the Internet.

Reports suggest that Mega.co.nz has has already cracked the 150 mark, that is, the top 150 websites in the whole wide world. Dot Com tweeted 141 and a screenshot of Mega’s Alexa ranking.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 01.04.04 PM

As of today they have slipped to position 179, but nonetheless, the position that they are holding is still fantastic for a website that is still a matter of days old.

With the initial teething issues now sorted, and the website working at full capacity again, it will be interesting to monitor the progress of Mega and the levels that people engage and utilise the service. Hundreds of thousands reportedly signed up to use the service in the first few days (including myself) but how many are using the service daily already? Are you?

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