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Toronto Symphony – The Toronto Symphony Orchestra Combine With Toronto Residents Using Social Media and Apps

By March 13, 2013News

On Saturday 9 March, Toronto residents were treated to a ground-breaking concert that was the result of an almost year-long project.

Using social media and apps, sounds were recorded by volunteers across the city – everything from noisy traffic to children’s voices. The sounds were woven together with the strings and horns of a traditional orchestra.

Composer Tod Machover, who is also a technologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Peter Oundjian, the music director at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra were the brains behind the unique composition.

They asked Toronto residents to record their favourite sounds, sounds they hated the most – anything that to them, was Toronto. In the piece you can hear buses, ferry’s, trams, the subway, children singing, random animal noises – pretty much anything you can think of, along with the orchestra. The composers call it a unique dialogue between the real city and the musical city. People were asked at the end of the process to change the finale of the piece with an app, where they could bend and move the music to suit their tastes.

Toronto Symphony


Toronto Symphony

It’s an eclectic piece of music, brought together in a collaborative and special way. It completely represents what social media is about, sharing content for the greater good (aw, what a utopian moment!) Check out the full clip below.