Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: GoDaddy’s video backlash and Google’s + 1 product


Daylight savings is upon us which means winter boarding season is just around the corner. But before you update your snow report app, check out what’s been going on this week in the world of SMNZ.

Domain buying giant Godaddy made the news in a bad way this week. The home-video of CEO Bob Parson, shooting an elephant on his recent trip to Zimbabwean (nicknamed by Bob as his “philanytophic work”) saw social media blow up and many subscribers drop Godaddy as their domain provider. You can see the outrage this stunt has cause on Twitter.

Also this week, we saw Google launch a social voting feature called “+1” which many have said is a rip off of Facebook’s “like” button. It’s basically a way for people to endorse a site or page (sound familiar Digg?) and should make a bigdifference to both SEO rankings and AdWords effectiveness. Given the success of their past attempts at developing social features (I’m looking at you Buzz and Wave) we were a little skeptical at first as the Google team described this feature as making searching for things “more relevant than ever before”. That said, this one actually sounds pretty cool. Definitely worth keeping an eye on at least.


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Social Media oops of the week:



Godaddy CEO shooting spree injured Godaddy Brand. If you were Godaddy’s PR team, how would you have handled this disaster ?



Video of the week: A political situation explain with Angry birds


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