Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: Microsoft Buys cool, Facebook caught in the act and More


The old man in technology Microsoft made news this week by acquiring a little Mojo back into the brand with it’s 8.5 billion dollars acquisition of Skype. Skype is not the only that made headlines this week Facebook was the other one and it wasn’t for the right reasons. Facebook was caught red handed in their attempts to plant negative stories about Google’s privacy issues with their soon to release social network platform.


Top 4 Social Media NZ Posts:


1) Is Skype Microsoft’s ticket back to “cool” ?


2) The Value Of Relationships: Social Capital And Currency


3) Xero Personal – a handy way to get a handle on your money


4) Singaporean public servant becomes social media star



Other News you may have missed this week:

* Groupon New Zealand officially went live this week

* Twitpics copyright terms and conditions got users up and arms about how Twitpics can sell their photos without permission

* Google launch the much anticipated Music Beta service a cloud music storage system for you music.

* How Google is planning to take our your home


Video of the week: Here is something to get your creative spark going


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