Introducing Leaping-Tiger

The Kiwi company connecting gamers of all stripes

Wellington based start-up Leaping-Tiger are building a social media platform designed – at its core – to connect gamers with gamers.

“You can think of it as a cross between Linked-in and Tinder, for gaming.” says CEO Jordan Lilley.

Leaping-Tiger is a dedicated full-time team, committed to building a simple and effective cross-platform service for connecting gamers. Members first create their own unique ‘Player ID’ on the website – this is a new kind of profile page which displays all your gaming tags, usernames and handles in one easy to manage space. Player IDs are then used to connect gamers based on factors such as games, interests and location.

Co-founder and Creative Director Amy Potter continues, “the vision is, say you know someone through PSN and you play together, you can jump on Leaping-Tiger and see what else they play, and then perhaps discover they enjoy playing Wii U too. We want to get everyone interacting and gaming together across all platforms so if you want someone to play with right now, within seconds you can find someone and within minutes you can be playing.”

“Think about Destiny, players are forced to create 6 man raid teams but aren’t given any friend finding ability. With Leaping-Tiger you could instantly find destiny players in your town or city.” Says Lilley.

Members are then able to join and create specialised communities, making it easy to manage events or raid groups. Players can even upload their gaming related Twitch highlights or YouTube channel videos.

With many games becoming more socially focused and achievements often requiring friends to complete, Leaping-Tiger believes this sort of gamer specific service is way overdue. Communities are popping up all over the web, bending existing social services such as Facebook to their needs, but without any real place to call home. “Custom websites can be expensive and high maintenance, and traditional forums are typically messy to navigate through with quite high barriers to entry.” says Lilley. “We want to build something that allows people the freedom to create and join communities more easily than ever before.”

The Leaping-Tiger team are working towards an early 2015 release but have already managed to gather thousands of sign-ups. They are encouraging people to get in quick to secure their LT username, with those registering before December 2014 in the draw for a massive PS4 prize bundle.​ | |




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