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Instagram and the new IGTV

By June 26, 2018Opinion

The most interactive social network does not stop reinventing itself and now launches IGTV, an application that offers the possibility to record and share video up to one hour in length. IGTV will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities, taking on Youtube as the long-form video content giant. 

IGTV has been invented by the crafters of the platform and was presented last week at a technological event in San Francisco, where people from around the world could see an exclusive preview of the new feature that can now be used by the one billion Instagram users.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said teenagers are watching 40% less T.V. than they did five years ago and, on Instagram, they are watching 60% more videos in the last year.

IGTV is made for use by smartphones and designed to create videos vertically, occupying the full screen and have up to one hour of playback.

Accessible from a button on the Instagram home screen, the new tool also has its own app, that once opened starts playing similar to when we turn on a television. In this way it is not necessary to search to start visualising the content, although later it will be possible to choose between the tabs created to select the videos.

The users will have three “tabs” options:

  • Videos recommended For you.
  • Videos of People you follow
  • Popular Videos

We must clarify that it is not live videos, but content that can be edited beforehand to upload as a more elaborate work, Youtube style.

IGTV is also interactive because the user can not only see the videos of another person but in true Instagram style, also can give likes, comments and send the video to friends in the form of a direct message.


So…What about Advertising?

“There’s no ads in IGTV today” said Systrom, but went on to explain that the app is also a very obvious place for advertising to eventually end up. Unlike the failed Facebook Watch, Instagram aren’t paying creators directly for any IGTV videos, but wants to make the platform sustainable by offering creators a way to monetise in the future.

With Instagram boasting 1 billion users worldwide, IGTV is looking to be very popular with creators to earn money as well as to expand their audiences.

We’re excited to see IGTV bring a whole new level to Instagram and content creation!

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